SAT and ACT Preparation Course

The fifteen-hour SAT and ACT Review Course is administered in five three-hour class sessions. All students receive diagnostic testing to determine areas of strength and weakness. An equal amount of instructional time is focused on the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the SAT and ACT. Ample time is provided for the review of content material, test-taking strategies, anti-stress techniques and timed practice drill. All students receive a suggested home study/review plan at the conclusion of the course. Emphasis throughout the course is on how to take the SAT and ACT or PSAT successfully.

Tuition (including text and hand out materials): $595

Private SAT and ACT / PSAT Preparation

The Private Program is designed exclusively for serious students applying to very competitive colleges and universities. Most private students are heavily involved in school and extracurricular activities. Our private students do very well in the classroom but not as well on tests like the PSAT, SAT and ACT. A second group of private students have done well on the PSAT or SAT and ACT but want to improve their existing scores. The focus of the private course is on the READING and WRITING sections of the SAT and ACT. The siblings of former students and students who have completed the small group course will be given first priority for available spaces in the private program. Private students arrange preparation class sessions with their instructor at mutually convenient times. Private instruction is limited to students currently in tenth or eleventh grade.

Tuition (including text and hand out materials): $1,600

SAT and ACT Quick Reviews

This three hour program will focus on the essential test taking strategies and Do's and Don'ts necessary to do well on the PSAT or SAT and ACT. The Quick Review is an ideal refresher for students who have completed a preparation course or for students who have had no preparation in any form.

Tuition: $150

Math Only Classes

Math only classes will be held at all course locations. Math only will be administered in 2 three hour classes. Please call for the specific dates and times of the math only classes.

Tuition (including text and hand out materials): $300


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